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Opposing Attributes of Social Data

Last year Andreas Weigend taught Stats 252 at Stanford and shared the following list of opposing characteristics of data communication:

Structured Unstructured
Symmetric Asymmetric
Relevance Chronological
Synchronous Asynchronous
Searchable Not Searchable
Private Public
Broad Narrow
One-time Ongoing
Spontaneous Planned
Short-term Identity Persistent Identity
Push Pull

It’s always interesting to see the different startup companies focusing on different aspects of data.

There’s more to this list, so make a comment and add to this list.

Google Profiles & Future of User ID

Get a Vanity URL for your Google Profile Now

Read the article about Google’s vanity pages. Why do you think Google is doing this?
Imagine, through the signup process, they ask you to fill out personal information about your hobbies, interests, hometown, etc. Doesn’t that sound a lot like FaceBook profile?
Imagine the applications. Often people sign into Google b/c they’re checking email or doing a Google Search. This means Google can better target ads to you when you’re doing either of those actions.
Also, note they are asking you to “hook up” your other Google services that you use (like Picasa or YouTube). It’s like asking you to let them identify you when you are logged in at those places too. Then they can again push you more “relevant” material (i.e. ads).

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