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Get Sound to work on Fedora 12 Dell Mini 9

Sound doesn’t work correctly by default on Fedora 12 install.

Basically, make sure that

  1. blacklist.conf has the blacklist snd-pcsp line enabled (this is needed to disable the default “auto-detected” sound driver.
  2. From various sources online, add the correct reference to the “sound driver”

Edit /etc/modrobe.d/* to add options snd-hda-intel index=0 model=dell, then it did. Not sure why auto mode doesn’t work.

I added it to my LOCAL.CONF file.
Also, make sure PULSEAUDIO is installed to get access to the SOUND VOLUME CONTROL.

Some references where I found this info.


Virtual Screen / Display on Fedora 12 Dell Mini 9

After some websurfing, finally found how to change my Dell Mini 9 resolution.

The normal 1024×600 screen resolution is hard to do much development work on.

With Fedora 12, editting the XORG.CONF file does not seem to work.  Instead, you have to use XRANDR.

In my case, use

xrandr –fb 1600×1000 –output LVDS1 –panning 1600×1000 –scale 1×1

Voila!  Mouse will allow me to pan & move around my larger virtual screen size.

If you want your display to be configured when you “login” to Fedora, add the above line into your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bash_rc configuration file.
This file is run at user login.

Installing Fedora 12 on my Dell Mini 9

For those that don’t know, Dell has a mini netbook that I picked up for $300.
Nice and compact.

Only problem is Fedora Linux does not work well with it included BCM wireless card.
Since I had a spare wireless card IWL4965 (from my Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop), I went ahead and popped that in.

And now, voila! I have Fedora 12 running with wireless card access.


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