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Human auditory perception and “missing fundamentals”

Did you know there’s interesting technology built around using higher-order harmonics to “fake” people into thinking they are hearing low bass sounds?

This is done because some speakers can’t produce the low frequencies needed for the bass sounds.  So taking advantage of human auditory perception, you can generate a certain pattern of higher frequency harmonics.  Our brains believe we are hearing the low frequency because we “fill-in” the missing fundamental frequency.  Pretty awesome!

Read more about it on Wikipedia!


Opposing Attributes of Social Data

Last year Andreas Weigend taught Stats 252 at Stanford and shared the following list of opposing characteristics of data communication:

Structured Unstructured
Symmetric Asymmetric
Relevance Chronological
Synchronous Asynchronous
Searchable Not Searchable
Private Public
Broad Narrow
One-time Ongoing
Spontaneous Planned
Short-term Identity Persistent Identity
Push Pull

It’s always interesting to see the different startup companies focusing on different aspects of data.

There’s more to this list, so make a comment and add to this list.

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